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Color Options

White & Black/Grey











Extended Durability

Exclusive Silicone Grip

Machine Washable

Conforms with the Rules of Golf

Key Attributes

Full Mesh Top Promotes Breathability and Comfort

Breathable with Added Stability for Higher Swing Speeds

Claw Original Men’s and Ladies Golf Gloves

Original Claw gloves (available in white, black & ladies sizes) were designed to play cool in nearly all conditions. The full mesh top provides amazing airflow throughout the glove and also includes our exclusive synthetic suede palm with silicone grip.

Golfer Recommendation

Players that tend to sweat and play in warmer conditions. No need to rotate multiple gloves per round with the original Claw.

Claw PRO Men's Golf Glove

The Claw Pro features some of the outstanding ventilation the original Claw provides with added stability and control. The top hand is constructed of synthetic suede combined with flex mesh for breathability. The palm is comprised of full synthetic suede layered with our exclusive silicone coating for an amazing grip that reduces grip pressure.

Golfer Recommendation

Players with faster swing speeds or those that like a tighter fitting glove but still want something that plays much cooler than leather.

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